Thanksgiving Turkeys

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Thanksgiving Turkeys


Thanksgiving Turkey - $50/turkey reservation deposit - balance due on pickup

We will try to get a feel for the sizes folks want early this season so we can plan how many turkeys and when we should start raising them based on what you need for the family come Thanksgiving.. Reservations are Open so let us know what you want our farm to raise for you and your family.

Broad Breasted Range in size from 10-30lbs

Heritage Breeds Range in size from 10-25lbs

Deposits are Non-Refundable

On Farm Pickup Monday Nov 20th 2019

Weight Range:
Broad Breasted or Heritage Breed:
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Reserve your turkey $50/turkey deposit - balance due on pickup @$6.50/lb for Broad Breasted & $7.50/lb for Heritage Breed