It all started when… 

Dave and I stumbled upon our dream property, close to town yet in the middle of the farm country, bordered by the Tualatin River.  The farm was over run by blackberries and most of the land leased out to a wonderful farmer that had been tilling and planting this land for many decades.  We slowly started cleaning up the property and quickly added a small herd of cows, flock of chickens and ducks and later pigs.  In the winter of 2016-17, when Oregon was hit with a massive amount of rain, we started to notice just what was happening to the land that was under cultivation.  We could see gullies forming, our top soil washing into the river, and desertification happening right in front of our eyes, as there was so much exposed soil with no root base to hold it in place. 

Determined that there was a better way, we began researching farm practices and educating ourselves on Regenerative Agriculture, Holistic Management, Intensive Rotational Grazing, Mob Grazing, No-Till, Cover Crops and Soil Health.  Armed with this knowledge in the spring of 2017 we started our first rotational grazing venture with our small herd of cattle.  It was life altering, it just felt right, the cows were so happy, the grass was improving and you just wanted to sit out with the animals and watch them graze.  That was it we were hooked.. So we set out to bring the land under our own management.  In the fall of 2017 we planted 30 acres of cover crop, started working with the local conservation district and in January of 2018 we purchased our first chicks to raise on pasture using rotational grazing , built our chicken tractors and here we are. 

It just feels right our animals are happy, the soil and plant life is improving and we have the most amazing tasting products as a result.  We have also seen an increase in bird life on the farm and the bees are loving the cover crops which are in full bloom.  We are working on adding turkeys to the mix and are expanding our egg layers as well .. Everyday we learn something new, but our eyes are always focused on the Soil and the plant health, as we believe everything stems from the health of our soil.  Regenerative Agriculture is the next step beyond Organic.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"